Das SerienSprechzimmer: Podcast with the Band „No Te Va Gustar“

„No Te Va Gustar“: You are not going to like it… 

I am not only a big tv series and movies aficionada, but I also love music with all my heart. When I heard that one of my favorite bands from my home-country Uruguay was giving a concert in Berlin, I took the chance to ask them for a podcast-interview… 

This is what you need to know…

„No Te Va Gustar“ translates to „You are not going to like it“. The band is also known by the initials NTVG – and is one of Uruguay’s most successful and international rock bands.

Since 2011, NTVG has been consistently nominated at the Latin Grammys, filling soccer stadiums in Argentina and Uruguay and touring major stages in Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Until now, they have released eleven studio albums, six live and one anniversary edition.

After eleven years the band is finally back on tour in Europe and at the Columbia Theater in Berlin on August 8th. I had the opportunity to interview the lead singer Emiliano Brancciari and trombonist Martín Gil before the concert.

You can hear what they had to say in our newest podcast in our native tongue Spanish

You can also listen to this podcast on iTunes, Google-Podcasts, RadioPublic and Anchor! And of course it’s also on YouTube!

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